Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Prove it 20

L.I Can I use a complex sentence.

One day I decided that it was time to go outside so I could become fit but I hated going out side. I was already fit from doing tennis, squash and karate but my Mum thought I needed to be more fit so I went outside. I saw Preston running but he was on a horse pretending to run so I asked him. "What are you doing?" He said "Getting fit"! I said "No thats not fit Preston." "Well I cant run1 cm so im using my horse." Said Preston. I said "Thats what she said." Preston did not find that funny but he found it stupid. I said "We must get fit so run." The next day we came home with 6 packs because we ran to China and Fiji and got a pineapple fritter from Fiji. My Mum said thats enough running so now we get to play games but after a few more days we get a hole load of 6 flab's.

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