Monday, September 12, 2016

Creative Writing

'I could not believe my eyes, I was walking by the river when… a massive orange fish jumped out of the river. I screamed “AHHH!.’’ But luckily the fish was nice. I needed the fish to be smaller. So I put the fish in my shrink M2445 and the fish turned smaller. I put my fish in a bowl and gave my fish some food. I took him to the park. The fish acted cool. We went home, I had to put him back into the river. When I put the fish in the river he grew bigger and cooler! It was sad so each week I went to the river and said hi. Fish and I were best friends so for Christmas I gave the fish a present. The present was…. a pair of sandals. Fish loved them. So fish went to the shop and bought me a present the present was….. some cool dude glass. I never took them off. I loved them so much. But then my mum said “We are moving to Auckland,’’ “NO!’’ I said. I went to the river, fish looked happy he asked me “Why are you depressed?’’ “That's ok.’’ I said bye. That was my favorite time in my life.

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